usluge_wwwWeb applications – Tekod solutions provides web development services for fast-growing companies looking to integrate business processes, reduce workload, and build new products. We build custom CMS and database tools to allow businesses to track information and operations with a completely customized feature set and UI.

Dizajn – We pride ourselves on the eye-catching, professional websites we design and develop for our clients. Golden rule of marketing said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and it is the awful truth that most people will judge about your presentation within the first seven seconds and their opinion will most likely never change. So making a good first impression is incredibly important, it can improve trustworthiness of business presentation and makes visitor more interested in its content.

Hosting – Service of website hosting is offered only if program code is built by ourself which makes our servers and clients maximally protected from external threats.


Security reviews & audits – We can help you identify security vulnerabilities present in your infrastrucure, applications and business procedures and provide advice on how to remediate issues found, determine the current security stance of the systems analyzed and give you overall recommendations

Search engine optimization – Most visits on all sites on internet are provided by search engines (Google,..). We can offer to our clients reorganization of their websites to make them more readable for automated engines and various external campaigns in order to bring their websites to the first page of searching results, in same group with concurent sites that already did such optimization.

IT consulting – Strategic consulting about IT processes, infrastructure, evaluations and recommandations. We can analyze your presence in digital media and compare it with your competitors.

Managed services – this is group of long term services, typicaly on anual bases:
– maintaining of software behind your website,
– creating backup of relevant systems and data,
– updating content on client’s website,
– accounting of corporate presence on social networks (Facebook, Twiter,..)
– monitoring and analyzing Facebook & Google ads campaigns,